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张三慧, 史田兰. 大学物理学——光学 近代物理[M]. 北京: 清华大学出版社, 1996.


  • 标题: 自然科学的历史进展Historical Progress of Science

    作者: 杨国胜

    关键字: 认识的横向拓展, 认识的纵向拓展Cognition Transverse Progress; Cognition Longitudinal Progress

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.2 No.3, 2013-09-25

    摘要: 自然科学的历史进展是认识横向拓展与纵向优化(/拓展)轮回相辅相承、共起作用的结果。当今科学的发展势头则显得“横向拓展”过于主流化和惯性化,而认识纵向拓展则因为“游记式横向拓展权威强势”而颇受抑制,以致几百年的科学成果就像几百年的“科学游记”,——始终纳不进“单一线性逻辑体系”,尽管一个不容置疑的事实是“一个宇宙只能由一个规律来支配,两个规律支配的宇宙绝不可能是一个”。 Historical progress of science is just reciprocal facilitation of covariant cognition transverse cu-mulative progress and cognition longitudinal optimum progress in covariant alternation. Whereas, current science development seems extreme for cognition transverse cumulative progress conventionalized too mon-strously; whereas, cognition longitudinal optimum progress is rather restrained for remarkable predominance of travelogue style cognition transverse cumulative progress thereby. As a result, several-hundred years’ har-vests of science progress are substantively like a basket of omnifarious science travelogues as deserving re-wards of several hundred years’ formidable but devious stochastic science exploration journey and can not be digested into grand coherence of thorough linear logic system. Although the indubitable authenticity is that one cosmos can only be dominated by unique coherent fundamental; cosmos dominated by two different fun-damentals can never be one.