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张燕红, 邱向东, 赵谢群等. 超细颗粒的制备(一)[J]. 稀有金属, 1997, 21(6): 451-457.


  • 标题: 纳米CeO 2制备方法研究进展Progress in Preparation Methods of Nano-Ce 2

    作者: 王坤坤, 罗婧婧, 查根胜, 王雷妮, 孟凡明

    关键字: 纳米CeO 2, 制备方法, 发展方向Nano-CeO 2; Preparation Method; Directions

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Material Chemistry》, Vol.1 No.2, 2013-10-22

    摘要: 综述了纳米CeO2的几种主要制备方法及其研究进展。对比分析了气相、固相、液相三种主要方法的优缺点,气相法所制备的样品纯度高、团聚小,但设备昂贵不易普及。液相法设别简单易普及但所制备的样品团聚严重,固相法工艺简单污染少但所制样品均匀性可控性较差。并对未来纳米CeO2制备方法的发展方向进行分析与展望。 Several main preparation methods of nano-CeO2and their research progress are reviewed. The advantages and disadvantages of three major methods including gas phase, solid phase and liquid phase are analyzed and com- pared separately. Sample prepared by gas phase method has high purity and small reunion, but the expensive equipment makes it difficult to popularize. Liquid phase method is easy to popularize, but its sample has heavy reunion. The solid phase method has outstanding merits of simple production process and low pollution, while the uniformity of sample which prepared via this method is hard to control. The future directions of the preparation methods of nano-CeO2are analyzed and prospected too.