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闫顺林, 胡三高, 徐鸿, 李永华 (2008) 火电机组热经济性分析的统一物理模型和数学模型. 中国电机工程学报, 23, 37- 41.


  • 标题: 汽轮机主汽压力扰动对机组经济性的影响The Influence of Main Steam-Turbine Pressure Disturbance on Turbine’s Economy

    作者: 米玉鸿

    关键字: 汽轮机, 主汽压力扰动, 经济性Steam-Turbine; Main Steam Pressure Disturbance; Economy

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.1 No.4, 2013-10-24

    摘要: 准确计算主汽压力扰动对经济性的影响,对机组安全运行、经济运行具有重要意义。本文以统一物理模型和热力系统状态方程为基础,推导出了主汽压力扰动对机组经济性的影响计算公式。并以600 MW机组为研究对象,分析额定工况和不同工况下主汽压力变化对煤耗的影响。并与厂家所给出的热力试验修正曲线的计算分析结果进行对比,相对误差不超过3%,表明利用该统一物理模型简单、计算准确等优点。The accurate calculation of the influence of the main steam pressure disturbance on the economy is important to the safe and economical operation of the unit. In our study, we deduced the formula of the impact of the main steam pressure disturbance on the unit economy based on the unified physical model and thermal system state equation. We also studied the unit of 600 MV and analyzed the impact of the main steam pressure changes on coal consumption under rated conditions and different conditions. Compared with the analysis results of the thermal test correction curves given by manufacturers, relative error does not exceed 3%, which demonstrates that this unified physical model has the ad- vantages of being simple, accurate calculation, etc.