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石智雷, 杨云彦, 田艳平 (2011) 非自愿移民经济再发展: 基于人力资本的分析. 中国软科学, 3, 115-127.


  • 标题: 受水电开发影响各方的损益分析The Profit and Loss Analysis of Affected Parties in Hydropower Development

    作者: 张林洪, 胡德斌, 张云平, 阮品江

    关键字: 水电工程, 效益, 损失, 效益共享Hydropower Project; Benefit; Loss; Benefit Sharing

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.1 No.4, 2013-10-24

    摘要: 水电工程的建设会为社会提供价廉、清洁的电和水,促进社会各个方面的发展。工程建成后,开发商、水电用户、防洪受益区、航运商、水产养殖的养殖户、旅游开发商以及参与工程建设的勘测、设计、施工、监理等可能是工程的获利方。但是,水电工程会对工程区和移民安置区的自然、人文环境和居民的生产、生活、文化、精神和生理等产生不利影响。为此,进行了受水电工程影响各方的损失和受益分析,并提出了效益共享的想法。>The construction of hydropower station will provide cheap and clean electricity and water for the community, and promote the development of all aspects of society. After completion of the hydropower station, developers, users of electricity and water, flood control benefit areas, shippers, aquaculture farmers, tourism developers and participants in the project survey, design, construction and supervision may be the profit parties. However, hydropower project would adversely affect the natural and human environment, production, life, culture, spirit and physiology of residents in the project and resettlement areas. Therefore, the loss and benefit analysis of the parties of hydropower project was done and the benefit sharing ideas were put forward.