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L. M. Rangel, L. H. S. Silva, P. Rosa, et al. Phytoplankton biomass is mainly controlled by hydrology and phosphorus concentrations in tropical hydroelectric reservoirs. Hydrobiologia, 2012, 693(1): 13-28.


  • 标题: 校园湖水藻类多样性检测——以上海交通大学思源湖为例Diversity Detection of Phytoplankton in Campus Lake—Taking Siyuan Lake of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for Instance

    作者: 美合日古丽·米吉提, 那依拉·木拉提, 张风丽

    关键字: 淡水藻, 微囊藻, 微囊藻毒素 Phytoplankton; Microcystis; Microcystin

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.4, 2013-10-29

    摘要: 藻类是地球上最重要的初级生产者,它们对维持水环境的生态平衡起着重要作用。本研究对上海交通大学闵行校区内人工湖——思源湖水体检测发现,水样中共含有 25 种淡水藻,分属硅藻门、黄藻门、裸藻门、绿藻门、 蓝藻门、 金藻门 6 个门。 以编码微囊藻毒素合成酶基因 mcy 作为分子标记, 通过聚合酶链反应(Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR)检测产毒微囊藻,从而检测水体中潜在的微囊藻毒素。研究结果显示:交大思源湖水体为轻中度污染,水体中发现微囊藻,但水体中的微囊藻未非产毒微囊藻。本研究为上海交大校园湖水的检测与治理提供依据。 Fresh-water algae, also called phytoplankton, are a natural and essential part of the ecosystem, and also constitute the base of the aquatic food chain. The results of this survey showed that the water body of Siyuan Lake contains 25 species of phytoplankton which belongs to Diatoms, Yellow algae, Euglenophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanophyta and Chrysophyta. In the study, by PCR method, the mcy gene that encodes microcystin synthetase was used as a molecular marker to detect the presence of microcystis producing microcystins and potential microcystin toxicity in Siyuan Lake. The experimental results showed that the water of Siyuan Lake was slight-medium polluted. However, microcysis in the water body didn’t produce microcystins. This study provides the basis not only for detection of aquatic pollution butalso for treatment of polluted Siyuan Lake.