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黄建明, 刘宝林, 徐秀林 (2011) 基于S3C2440多路A/D转换Linux驱动程序设计. 微计算机信息, 27, 110-111.


  • 标题: ARM-Linux平台上移动机器人的传感器检测数据读取Sensors Measurement Reading for Mobile Robot on ARM-Linux Platform

    作者: 郭峰, 薛颂东, 曾建潮

    关键字: 移动机器人, 传感器, 设备驱动, 嵌入式系统Mobile Robot; Sensor; Device Driver; Embedded System

    期刊名称: 《Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-11-12

    摘要: 使用嵌入式技术设计移动机器人控制器时,要求在Linux操作系统下管理硬件资源。故以移动机器人上配置的典型接近传感器为例,根据传感器的作用机理、硬件接口及ARM处理器的接口资源,设计了传感器的接口分配方案;并按照传感器的接口控制时序,使用交叉编译工具设计了红外、超声波传感器的字符设备驱动程序。测试结果表明,所设计的驱动程序对传感器测试数据的读取支持良好。>The controller design by making use of embedded technology for mobile robot requires managing hardware resources under Linux operating system. Taking the typical proximity sensors amounted on the board for example, considering work principle, sensors and hardware interface of sensors and interface resource of ARM-based microprocessor, an allocation scheme of interfaces is proposed for sensor controlling. Then, the character device drivers of theinfrared and ultrasonic sensors are designed by using appropriate cross compiler tools according to the control timing sequences of interface of sensors. Test results show that measurement readings can be transferred correctly to the control system through device driver developed in this paper.