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Liu, L.S. (2004) The study of hypertension in China. Blood Pressure, 13, 72-74.


  • 标题: 2002~2009年上海市死亡人群高血压患者特征分析Characteristics Analysis of Mortality in Hypertensive from 2002 to 2009 in Shanghai

    作者: 虞慧婷, 宋桂香, 王春芳

    关键字: 高血压, 死因监测, 人群特征Hypertensive; Death Registry; Crowd Characteristics

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Vascular Medicine》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-11-20

    摘要: 目的:探索2002~2009年上海市高血压病患者死亡的变化趋势及其相关危险因素,为高血压防治提高参考依据。方法:分析2002~2009年上海市全人群死因监测资料,了解死亡人群中高血压病患者所占比例随时间的变化情况,及不同人群的不同变化特征。结果:多因素Logistic回归分析表明,随时间的推进,死亡人群中高血压病患者的比例越来越高,中学及以下学历高血压的风险要高于大学及以上学历者,年龄和性别、居住区域、婚姻状况均存在交互作用。结论:近年来上海市居民高血压病患者的风险越来越高,需要加强对中青年人群、低学历人群和城市人群的高血压风险管理措施。 Objective: To discover the risk factors and trend of hypertensive in Shanghai during 2002-2009 so as to provide evidences for hypertension prevention and treatment. Methods: Analyze the death monitoring data of the whole population in Shanghai to discover the trend of the proportion variation of hypertensive in all death over time, and to discover the characters among different population. Results: Multi-factor Logistic regression analysis shows that the proportion of hypertensive in death of Shanghai population is increasing year by year. The risk of hypertension in people of secondary and lower education is higher than those of universities and higher education. There are inter- actions with age and sex, age and living area, age and marital status. Conclusions: In recent years, the risk of hyper- tension in Shanghai is higher and higher. It is necessary to strengthen the risk management of hypertension in young people, less educated population and urban population.