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L. Vigotsky. Selected psychological works. Moscow: APN RSFSR, 1956.


  • 标题: 认知语言学心理真实性与解释自然性探源An Exploration of the Sources of Psychological Reality and Natural Interpretation of Cognitive Linguistics

    作者: 高文成, 张丽芳

    关键字: 认知语言学, 心理真实性, 解释自然性, 认知科学, 体验哲学Cognitive Linguistics; Psychological Reality; Natural Interpretation; Cognitive Science; Embodied Philosophy

    期刊名称: 《Modern Linguistics》, Vol.1 No.3, 2013-11-22

    摘要: 论文系统地深入探讨了认知语言学心理真实性和解释自然性的源头问题。二者实现的理论前提是认知语言学承认经验知识是人类语言知识的一部分。在此前提下,成熟深厚的认知心理学基础和认知神经科学的发现使认知语言学具有无与伦比的心理真实性,其实质就是感知运动经验在神经网络的内在化;积极吸收认知科学研究成果的体验哲学,以认知下意识为突破口,从概念、思维和真理三个层面论述了体验的核心地位。位于认知下意识的语言各个层面都是体验性的,故对于既是体验者又是使用者而言的语言解释是非常自然的,感同身受。眼体合一的生理事实和体验哲学的认知科学基础决定了心理真实性和解释自然性不可分割。The present paper explores the sources of psychological reality and natural interpretation of cognitive linguistics systematically and thoroughly. The authors think that the two merits come into being under the theoretical prerequisite that cognitive linguistics acknowledges life experiences as a part of human language knowledge. Under the precondition, the mature and profound theoretical foundations in the field of cognitive psychology and the findings of cognitive neuroscience lead to incomparable psychological reality, whose nature is the internalized sensorimotor experiences in the neuro-network of human brain. Embodied philosophy, which has extensively absorbed the achievements of cognitive science, has substantially demonstrated that embodiment plays a central role on the levels of concept, mind and truth by choosing cognitive unconscious as a primary breakthrough. Because all levels of language located in cognitive unconscious are embodied, language interpretation is as natural as the way we feel individually and practically in life, since we are both life experiencers and language users. It is concluded that psychological reality cannot be separated from natural interpretation, which is determined by the physiological fact that human eyes and brain are uniquely combined and the fact that the embodied philosophy is supported by numerous accomplishments of cognitive science studies.