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Education Bureau (2009) Learning progression framework (LPF).


  • 标题: IEP在香港的发展:过去与未来IEP Development in Hong Kong: Past and Future

    作者: 曾君兰, 王芾

    关键字: 个别教学计划(IEP), 有特殊学习需要学生, 全纳教育Individualized Educational Plan (IEP); Students with Special Educational Needs; Inclusive Education

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.3 No.5, 2013-11-27

    摘要: 这项研究的目的是:1) 通过对香港学校“个别教学计划”(IEP)的抽样调查,查探现有IEP文件的常见内容;2) 通过IEP问卷的定量分析评核学校行政管理层制定IEP的过程;3) 通过对教师和学校行政管理层的访问,检视IEP实践过程中参与者的经验。研究团队对十一所学校进行了访问,并收回了八十二份询问在职教师对IEP纪录、过程、实践意见的问卷。研究结果显示IEP在香港实施的合作模式、一致性、问责性及效率都有待提高。本文进一步就促进IEP在香港发展提出建议:(一)增加IEP目标的可衡量性;(二)使用更有针对性的个别化教学策略;(三)引入以课程为本的评估模式;(四)开拓与父母沟通的渠道,令他们在IEP过程中同享表达意见和期望的权利;(五)运用最新科技量化数据管理系统及电子化沟通平台;(六)为以学生为本的IEP建立个案管理负责人制度。By reviewing available school IEP samples, the study aims to investigate the content of IEP documentation. Furthermore, through a quantitative analysis of IEP questionnaire data with teachers and school administrators, the study also aims to evaluate IEP as a process. Finally, via qualitative interviews with parents, teachers and school administrators, the stakeholders’ experience in IEP practice was investigated. 11 school settings were interviewed and 82 questionnaires were collected from in-service teachers. Results indicated that the IEP implementation in Hong Kong can further be improved in four dimensions: alignment, consistency, accountability and efficiency; and six IEP strategic development goals are suggested: 1) The measurability of IEP objectives need to be improved; 2) The educational strategies should be tailor-made to correspond more specifically to the educational goals and objectives; 3) More curriculum-based assessment measures should be used to provide evidence-based reference for educational plan development; 4) Communication channels for parents to share their feedback and expectations need to be made available; 5) The employment of information technological techniques such as the adoption of digitalized data management system and communication platform should be optimized; 6) Last but not least, the establishment of a case- manager system for every student-specific IEP should be reinforced.