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苗东升 (2007) 系统科学大学讲稿. 中国人民大学出版社, 北京, 370-380.


  • 标题: 论“超循环”与“否定之否定”The Discussion of “Super Circulation” and “The Negation of Negation”

    作者: 温勇增

    关键字: 系统, 超循环, 否定之否定, 超循环螺旋System; Super Circulation; The Negation of Negation; Super Circulation Helix

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-12-05

    摘要: 世界是物质的、运动的。物质研究和系统研究总是紧密相联的。系统科学认为世界是系统的,系统是世界的普遍存在形态。系统科学的超循环理论是研究生命起源问题的有力工具,辩证法是研究事物存在的普遍运动和联系发展的最高哲学。系统科学的研究应当坚持唯物辩证哲学的理论指导,遵照这种思路,把超循环理论与辩证法的否定之否定规律交融研究,将获得世界在抽象物质展开下的系统形式存在的统一性的联系、运动与发展的否定之否定的新认识,呈现出既具有超循环意义又遵循否定之否定本质规律的超循环螺旋形态。The world is physical and motorial. From the view of the system science, the world is systemic, which is the universal existing configuration. Physics research and system research can be considered to be always connected with each other. The super circulation theory of system science is one kind of powerful tool to research the question of origin of life, and dialectics is the top philosophy to research universal movement, connection and development of things existing in the world. Study of the system science should be instructed by Materialist Dialectics Philosophy. When combining the super circulation theory with the rule of the negation of negation to studying things, it can achieve the new knowledge which is the negation of negation of the systemic form existing of the world in the condition of expanding the nonobjective matter, and also can present one kind of super circulation helix form, which has super circulation meaning, and at the same time follows the essential rule of the negation of negation.