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杨丽青 (2004) 制度变迁中的制度构建失灵及其解决模式一义乌小商品市场变迁的案例研究. 当代经济科学, 4, 36-52.


  • 标题: 基于我国转型实践的制度变迁研究评述Review on the Institutional Changes Research on the Transitional Practices in China

    作者: 钟建伟, 刘玉华

    关键字: 转型, 制度变迁, 嵌入性, 利益集团, 非正式社会制度Transform; Institutional Changes; Embeddedness; Interest Groups; Unofficial Social Systems

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-12-09

    摘要: 通过总结目前基于我国转型实践的制度变迁研究成果,本文认为目前的研究主要使用了新制度主义的理论视角,主要关注点在制度变迁过程中地方政府的作用、国家与社会间互动的方式、制度变迁的实践过程等方面。本文认为目前的研究将许多隐蔽于静态结构下的非正式的但会发挥很重要作用的一些因素忽略了,使得学术上观察到的现象与我国的实际实践过程有着巨大的不同,也没有有效的解释我国制度转型的独特性逻辑,从而提出在将来的制度变迁研究中应该注意以下三个因素:嵌入性、利益集团和非正式社会制度。 Through the reading of the research on institutional changes during the transition process in China, it is found that new institutionalism is adopted for the current studies with the focus on the role of local authorities in the transitional period, the interaction between the government and the society, and the specific transition practices etc. Some important unofficial factors, which hide themselves under static structure, are ignored in the current studies. The ignorance has caused the wide gap between the actual transition process and the academic observations, and the research provides no effective interpretation of the mechanism of the institution transition. Based on these findings, it is recommended that three factors should be considered: embeddedness, interest groups, unofficial social systems.