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中国高血压防治指南(修订版)杂志, 2005.


  • 标题: 天津市60岁以上居民高血压人群和非高血压人群饮食结构分析Tianjin Residents over the Age of 60 in Patients with Essential Hypertension and in Patients with Non-Diet Analysis

    作者: 张吉

    关键字: 膳食因素, 高血压, 饮食Dietary Factors; Hypertension; Diet

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Vascular Medicine》, Vol.1 No.1, 2012-11-27

    摘要: 目的:了解天津市60岁以上居民高血压人群与非高血压人群饮食状况,为制订与之相关的营养卫生政策提供理论依据。方法:采用多阶段分层抽样方法,对8006名天津市60岁以上居民进行问卷调查。结果:高血压人群与非人群在米面、禽类及其制品、肉类及其制品、乳制品摄入量比较中,高血压人群摄入量明显小于非高血压人群,差别有统计学意义。结论:建议采用推广健康饮食的方法预防高血压,提高人群健康水平,平衡膳食,均衡营养素,加强高血压营养教育。 Objective: Learn about Tianjin residents over the age of 60 and non-diet in patients with hypertension in hypertensive patients, for the development of theoretical basis for nutritional health policies associated with them. Methods: Adopt a multiple-stage stratified random sampling method, to 8006 conducted a questionnaire survey of Tianjin residents over the age of 60. Results: In patients with essential hypertension and in patients with non-rice, poultry and their products, meat products, dairy products intake, intake significantly smaller than non-patients with hypertension in patients with hypertension, differences are statistically significant. Conclusion: Recommended the promotion of healthy eating approach to prevent high blood pressure, raise the level of population health, balanced diet, balanced nutrients to strengthen nutrition education of hypertension.