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陈志耕, 刘军伟, 孟表柱等 (2000) 岩石圈板块分形及其降维演化的可能机制. 地学前缘, 1, 109-122.


  • 标题: 地球膨胀新证据及全球构造动力可能事件的规模New Evidence of the Earth Expansion and the Size of the Global Tectonic Dynamic Possible Event at Its Late Period

    作者: 刘燕翔, 陈志耕, 刘静, 卫俊

    关键字: 地球膨胀, 地球膨胀直接证据, 地球半径增长率, 全球超级构造动力事件 The Earth Expansion; New Evidence of the Earth Expansion; The Earth’s Radius Growth Rate; The Scale of Global Tectonic Dynamic Event

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.3 No.6, 2013-12-25

    摘要: 本文在简介上世纪90年代以来地球膨胀研究取得一系列成果和直接检验结果的基础上指出,地球半径若按照最近1~3 Ma尺度范围内三项半径增长率检验结果的平均值0.24 mm/a计算,经过早三叠世至早白垩世间约120 Ma的积累,地壳面积的绝对增长量也可高达4.59 × 106 km2,相当于全球新增平均宽度为50 km的裂谷系9万余公里大于总长度约8万公里的现代地球洋中脊裂谷系。这显然应该是一个全球性的超级构造动力事件。相对青藏高原隆升、中国东部岩石圈减薄两个近于同时代的构造与动力事件的规模而言,这个全球超级构造动力事件的规模要大得多。因此,地球膨胀动力研究不仅具有地球科学基础理论意义,而且还具有火山岩浆与成矿作用、全球环境演化等重要应用科学意义。Based on a series of achievements and new evidence since 1990s, this paper will point out, according to the average value of three test results on radius growth rate of 0.24 mm per year from recent 1 ma to 3 ma, via early Triassic to early cretaceous about 120 ma accumulation, the absolute growth of the earth’s crust can be as large as 4.59 × 106 km2, which is equal to a new global rift system with 50 km wide and over 90,000 km long, and that is longer than 80,000- km-long modern mid-ocean ridge rift system. Obviously, it is a super global tectonic dynamic event, whose scale is larger than that of another two tectonic geological and dynamic events—the uplift of the Tibetan plateau and east China litho- sphere thinning. Therefore, the research on the earth expanding dynamic not only has theoretical significance of geoscience but also has research significance on volcano and magmatism, mineralization, global environmental evolution and so on.