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张冲, 毛志强, 孙中春等 (2010) 玛河气田盐水泥浆侵入条件下双侧向测井电阻率校正方法. 石油地球物理勘探, 5, 757-761.


  • 标题: 长井段保形连续取心在春晖油田优质储层预测中的应用Long Well Segment Sealed Freezing Shape Preserving Continuous Coring for Quality Reservoir Prediction in Chunhui Oilfield

    作者: 王学忠, 刘传虎

    关键字: 优质储层预测, 保形连续取心, 密闭冷冻, 核磁共振测井, 哈浅1-1井, 薄浅层超稠油Quality Reservoir Prediction; Shape Preserving Continuous Coring; Sealed Freezing; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging; Haqian 1-1 Well; Thin-Shallow Super Heavy Oil

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.3 No.6, 2013-12-26

    摘要: 准噶尔盆地北缘春晖油田属于勘探新区,为薄浅层超稠油地层型油藏,直井或水平井蒸汽吞吐只获得低产油流。为落实储量规模和单井产能,以储层描述和流体预测为攻关重点,哈浅1-1井成功进行了长井段密闭冷冻保形连续取心。通过对岩心的岩性、物性和含油性等特征的描述,为分析油藏特征和确定开发模式提供了重要的技术参数,同时发现储层为泥质胶结含砾砂岩,发育多条薄灰质夹层,含油性随砾石含量增大而变差,Ⅰ砂组砾、砂、泥交互厚度33 m,富含油5.5 m,油浸10.8 m,相应的4个含油层段为相对优质储层。本文的研究成果为最终蒸汽辅助重力泄油开发方案制定提供了有效依据,对薄浅层超稠油开发具有重要生产意义。br/>Chunhui Oilfield belongs to new exploration area in the Northern Edge of Junggar Basin, and is stratigraphic oil reservoir with thin-shallow super heavy oil. Both vertical well and horizontal well only with steam stimulation most have low producing. For implementing reserve scale and single well production, taking reservoir description and fluid prediction as resolution of key technology, Haqian 1-1 well has successful long well segment shape of preserving continuous coring with sealed freezing. By core description on lithology, physical properties, and oiliness, it provides important technical parameter for analysis of reservoir characteristic and determining development mode, at the same time, it finds that its reservoir is shale cementation pebbled sandstone; multistrip thin gray dissection is developed; oiliness becomes poor with the increasing of gravel content; the interaction thickness of gravel, sand and gray in I sand group is 33 m; the rich oil thickness is 5.5 m; the immersion thickness is 10.8 m; and corresponding four oil-bearing segments are the relatively high-quality reservoir. The result provides effective proof for finally making steam-assisted gravity drainage development project, and it has important significance in the production for development of thin-shallow super heavy oil.