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李升福, 王泽华, 李朗田等 (2009) 桂西南优质锰矿成矿机理分析. 资源环境与工程, 4, 363-370.


  • 标题: 基于ETM+和DEM数据的广西田林–大新地区断裂构造解译Fault Interpretation of Tianlin-Daxin Area in Guangxi Based on ETM+ and DEM Data

    作者: 胡迎, 毛先成, 成功

    关键字: 构造解译, 断裂构造, ETM+, DEM, 田林–大新地区Tectonic Interpretation; Faults; ETM+; DEM; Tianlin-Daxin

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.3 No.6, 2013-12-27

    摘要: 遥感影像中不同构造的色调特征、形体特征和地貌特征,是进行构造目视解译的重要信息。研究合适的影像增强和处理方法是提高解译工作效率的关键。本文以广西田林–大新地区为例,基于Landsat-7 ETM+和ASTER GDEM数据进行断裂构造解译。对ETM+数据使用假彩色组合法、多重主成分分析法、定向卷积增强方法处理,突出了线性构造的色调特征、形态特征。另外,通过提取ASTER GDEM数据中河流水系、坡度变率等信息,获得了丰富的地貌特征数据。最后结合断裂带解译标识信息,一共解译出北东向和北西向断裂227条。Tone features, morphological characteristics and geomorphological features in remote sensing images are important when they are used to visually interpret fabrics. The study of appropriate image enhancement and processing methods is the key to improving the efficiency of interpretation. In this paper, Tianlin-Daxin is selected as the study area and faults are interpreted based on Landsat-7 ETM+ and ASTER GDEM data. Enhancement methods, such as false color composite image, multiple principal component analysis and directional convolution enhancement are applied to ETM+ images. As a result, tone features and morphological characteristics are highlighted. In addition, by extracting the river system, slope of slope, etc. from ASTER GDEM, rich geomorphological data can be easily obtained. Finally, com- bining with the fault information of interpretation identification, 227 fractures in NE and NW direction are interpreted.