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陈农, 施敦, 张威 (2002) 小肠肿瘤的诊断. 中国实用外科杂志, 22, 356-358.


  • 标题: 原发性小肠肿瘤的诊断与治疗(附40例报告)Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Bowel Tumor (A Report of 40 Cases)

    作者: 邱云峰, 瞿敏, 王科峰, 涂志远

    关键字: 原发性小肠肿瘤, 诊断, 治疗Small Intestinal Tumor; Diagnosis; Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Surgery》, Vol.2 No.4, 2013-12-27

    摘要: 目的:探讨原发性小肠肿瘤的临床特点、误诊原因及诊断方法。方法:回顾性分析了40例原发性小肠肿瘤的临床资料。结果:术前只确诊13例,其余均误诊,误诊率达67.5%。本组均手术治疗,良性肿瘤均行肿瘤及局部肠管切除,共10例,恶性肿瘤行根治性切除24例,姑息性切除3例,捷径手术3例,术后近期死亡1例,余均出院。结论:本病少见,容易误诊,要引起足够的重视。上消化道内镜检查,X线钡餐检查,BUS及CT检查是诊断本病的主要方法。 Objective: To explore the clinical characteristics, cause of misdiagnosis and diagnosis methods of primary small intestinal tumor. Methods: Retrospective analyses of the clinical data were made on 40 cases of primary small bowel tumors. Results: Before operation, 13 cases were given confirmed diagnosis of small intestinal tumor. The rate of misdiagnosis is 67.5%. Partial excisions were administered in 10 cases with benign small intestinal tumor. Radical excisions were performed in 24 cases with malignant tumors. Palliative excision in 3 cases and shortcut operation in 3 cases. A patient died after operation and other 39 were discharged from hospital. Conclusions: This disease is rare and easy to misdiagnose, and we need to take it seriously. Fiber endoscopy, X-ray, barium meal, BUS and CT were the main methods of diagnosis.