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孙则禹, 甘卫东 (2003) 肾上腺髓质增生. 中华泌尿外科杂志, 9, 581-582.


  • 标题: 肾上腺髓质增生症病例报告一例One Case of Adrenal Medullary Hyperplasia

    作者: 洪艳艳, 黄祥

    关键字: 甲状腺肿瘤, PET/CT, 肾上腺增生, 诊断Thyroid Neoplasms; Positron-Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography; Adrenal Hyperplasia, Diagnosis

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Oncology》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-01-06

    摘要: 患者,男,51岁,曾行2次甲状腺手术。1992年术后病理不详。2007年(第2次手术)术后病理证实为甲状腺髓样癌。术后口服甲状腺素片至今。2013年6月因左腰部间歇性隐痛就诊我科。PET/CT见双侧肾上腺占位,FDG代谢轻度增高。2013年6月行左侧肾上腺切除术,术中见左侧肾上腺多发结节占位,直径约3 cm。术后病理:左侧肾上腺髓质结节状增生。右侧肾上腺占位暂未给予特殊处理,以随访为主。随访至2013年10月底,患者一般情况良好,血压稳定,右侧肾上腺占位较前相仿。 A 51-year-old man underwent two thyroid surgeries. The first operation called left thyroidectomy was in 1992 with unclear pathological results. He underwent right thyroidectomy in 2007 and medullary thyroid carcinoma was pathologically confirmed. He has been in oral administration of thyroxine after the first surgery. The patient consulted the doctor in our department because of suffering from the pain in his left hip on June 2013. PET/CT examination revealed bilateral adrenal masses with slightly increased FDG metabolic. And then he underwent a left adrenalectomy. During the operation, the surgeon found multiple nodules occupying the left adrenal gland with a diameter of about 3 cm. Histopathological report: nodular hyperplasia of the left medulla. We follow up the right adrenal mass which was given no special treatment until October 2013. The patient was in good condition whose right adrenal masses were similar as the previous ones.