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许龄文 (2008) 封溪护渔河段开放与管理之研究——以双溪河为例. 硕士论文, 国立台湾海洋大学, 基隆.


  • 标题: 从台湾封溪护渔之执行成效检讨河川环境治理A Review of the River Environmental Governance from Implementation Effects of the River Enclosing and Fish Protection in Taiwan

    作者: 陈湘媛, 陈湘繁

    关键字: 封溪护渔, 环境态度, 环境策略, 环境复育, 环境教育River Reserve; Environmental Attitude; Environmental Strategy; Environmental Restoration; Environmental Education

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.1, 2014-02-11

    摘要: 封溪护渔之目的在于让河川休养生息,资源得以永续经营,然而至今于封溪河段仍可见不当疏浚或兴筑大型公共设施与景观餐厅等行为。本研究对苗栗县的封溪护渔执行成效进行检讨,发现其成败系于地方意见领袖的价值观与环境态度,是影响居民决定支持或反对的重要关键。至于公部门在护渔行动中所处之角色,则常是被动消极而非从整体资源保育的角度着眼,且其业务常彼此重迭,也连带影响河川环境管理之效率。鉴于现阶段之护渔工作仅局限于鱼类资源之保护,对于业已破坏或不当使用之河域资源,迄未建立环境监测系统以及拟订复育计划,因此局限了封溪护渔的效益,本研究据此建议应透过环境教育,动员民间的力量在河川环境复育方面扮演更积极的角色。 The objective of river enclosing and fish protection is to recuperate river ecology in an attempt to achieve sustainable management of natural resources. However, improper dredging works and construction of public facilities, as well as panoramic restaurants beside rivers, still commonly occur today. This project examined cases of river reserves at Miaoli, for their policies and implementation effects towards the river enclosing and fish protection. We found that the values and environmental attitudes of the local representatives were critical for residents to support or oppose certain reserve development. On the other hand, the public sectors generally played a passive role and did not operate based on the integral viewpoint of resource conservation. Additionally, the affairs of the public sectors often overlap which impact on the efficiency of environmental management. As the existing efforts of river reserve are mainly confined to protecting fish resources, holistic restoration strategies and environmental monitoring system for controlling land use and restoring natural ecology of disturbed land and ecology are deficient. This study suggested that environmental education with a more active and powerful role in environmental restoration played by the grassroots is considered important and should be encouraged.