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祁得林 (2002) 青海湖裸鲤遗传多样性研究. 硕士论文, 浙江大学, 杭州, 1-51.


  • 标题: 青海湖裸鲤水环境研究进展Research Progress of Water Environment of Gymnocypris przewalskii

    作者: 祁玥, 王维, 周双喜

    关键字: 青海湖, 裸鲤, 水环境Qinghai Lake; Gymnocypris przewalskii; Water Environment

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.1, 2014-02-11

    摘要: 青海湖海拔3196米,面积4583平方公里,是我国最大的内陆咸水湖泊,有独特的自然生态环境和生物多样性,构成了特殊类型的生物圈,具有特殊的生态、科研、保护价值和经济意义。青海湖裸鲤是青海湖中唯一一种大型野生经济鱼类,青海湖裸鲤资源保护与恢复是青海湖生态环境综合治理的关键。对青海湖裸鲤生存的水环境水质进行研究分析,为更好的保护青海湖裸鲤提供理论依据。 Qinghai Lake is with an elevation of 3196 metres and covers an area of 4583 square kilometers. It is the largest inland saltwater lake in China. It has special ecology, scientific research, protection value and economic significance because of its unique natural ecological environment and biodiversity leading to a special type of biosphere. Gymnocypris przewalskii is the only wild economic fish in Qinghai Lake, and the resource conservation and recovery of it are the pivotal issues of comprehensive management of the ecological environment in Qinghai Lake. Research and analysis of the water quality of water environment in which Gymnocypris przewalskii lives will give us the theoretical basis for better protection of Gymnocypris przewalskii.