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Adleman, L., et al. (1994) Molecular computations to combinatorial problems. Science, 266, 1021-1024.


  • 标题: 用分子信标作为粘贴串的DNA计算模型的逻辑门Using Molecular Beacons as Paste Series Computing Model of a Logic Gate

    作者: 唐静静, 单静怡

    关键字: DNA粘贴模型, 分子信标, 逻辑门, DNA计算DNA Sticker Model; Molecular Beacon; Logic Gate; DNA Computing

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-02-14

    摘要: 近年来,随着DNA计算及DNA计算机研究的发展,运用粘贴模型和粘贴系统来实现布尔逻辑门已经成为DNA计算机研究的热点。而把分子信标作为粘贴串的一份子还未曾见到过,此篇论文用这样一种新的方法来实现逻辑门的DNA计算模型。该模型同时拥有以往普通粘贴模型的优点。它更易于操作和观察,使结果有更强的可靠性。由于分子信标本身所具有的高特异性和高灵敏度,逻辑门有了更直观的操作和检测。In recent years, it has become a research focus of DNA computer to realize the Boolean logic gates by using DNA sticker model and paste system, with the research of DNA computing and DNA computer going on. But making the molecular beacon as part of the paste series has not been seen, and this paper realizes the DNA computing model of logic gates with such a new method. This model has all the advantages that the previous general sticker model has. Also it is easier to operate and observe, and has higher reliability of results. With high specificity and sensitivity of molecular beacon itself, the logic gate has a more intuitive operation and observation.