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卢恩超, 张邓澜, 宁雅男, 冯小海, 李莹 (2012) 改进人工势场法的机器人路径规划. 西北大学学报, 5, 735-738.


  • 标题: 动态避障在仿真机器人足球上的研究The Research of Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance on Simulation Robot Soccer

    作者: 胡镓伟, 刘勇, 刘钊

    关键字: 机器人足球, 人工势场, 动态避障Robot Soccer; Artificial Potential Field; Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

    期刊名称: 《Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-02-24

    摘要: 在机器人足球比赛中,由于不能及时准确的选择一条路径防止和对方机器人碰撞,很容使得进攻受到阻碍。为使得进攻不容易被阻碍,提出了一种改进的人工势场路径选择算法,以此来增加机器人避开障碍物的高效性,选择一条最短路径,从而缩短了时间,为组织好进攻打下基础。以往的人工势场方法都容易陷入局部最优,本算法通过增加旋转力,对人工势场方法进行了改进,防止选择的路径陷入局部最优。算法进行了仿真实验,结果表明该算法提高了机器人避障的有效性和合理性,使得进攻更具有切入性。 During the robot soccer game, it will be easily blocked when attacking because we are not able to choose a path to prevent the collision with opponent robot in time and accurately. In order to make attack not be blocked easily, an improved artificial potential field algorithm is proposed to choose path, so as to enhance the efficiency of the robot avoiding obstacles. It chooses the shortest path to reduce the time, so that it can lay a foundation for building up an attack. The algorithm improved the artificial potential field by increasing rotation force, so as to prevent falling into local optimal path selection. The simulation experiment results showed that the algorithm improved the robot obstacle avoidance validity and rationality, and it made the robot breach more easily.