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王芳菲, 梁大明, 汪明等 (2009) 我国部分地区鸡外寄生虫病的调查分析. 中国家禽, 1, 9-61.


  • 标题: 鸡皮刺螨病的诊断与防治The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chicken Dermanyssus gallinae

    作者: 王玉田, 郑瑞峰, 刘泉, 张建伟, 潘保良, 刘晓东, 何宏轩, 王承民, 郭峰

    关键字: , 皮刺螨, 确诊, 防治Chicken, Dermanyssus gallinae, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.3 No.2, 2014-04-16

    摘要: 鸡皮刺螨又称血螨、红螨或栖架螨,是寄生在鸡体表的体外寄生虫,由于虫体可以离开鸡体,在环境中长期存活,一般消毒药较难杀灭,所以会在一定区域内长期流行发生。鸡皮刺螨引发鸡骚动不安,采食减少,出现贫血症状,生长、产蛋等生产性能下降。鸡螨虫可以携带传播多种病原如沙门氏菌,威胁人类健康,因此对鸡螨虫的防治意义重大。本文对北京地区5个养鸡散户进行现场调查,通过临床检查,样品采集、开展显微镜观察及标本的制作,确诊为鸡皮刺属螨虫病,可采用口服驱虫药、体外环境杀虫、切断传播途径的防控措施。 Dermanyssus gallinae (also known as the red mite, poultry mite, red poultry mite, roost mite and chicken mite) is an ectoparasite of poultry and other bird species. The mites cause pain, irritation, and a decrease in egg production. Red mites can survive for longer time in an empty hen house. They may serve as vectors for diseases such as Salmonellosis etc. and can also bite some species of mammals, including humans. Therefore, in present study it is significant to conduct an investigation in five chicken farms in Beijing by clinical inspection, sample collection, and pathogenic morphological observation. We identified the mites as species Dermanyssus gallinae. In addition, drug treatment and disinfection of the environment are still effective means for prevention of chicken mites.