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孙岐发 (2010) 西露天矿采剥影响下电厂变形监测及治理技术. 煤炭科学技术, 9, 100-103.


  • 标题: 抚顺矿山地质灾害控制方法研究Study on Control Method of Geological Disasters in Fushun Mine Area

    作者: 孙岐发, 田辉

    关键字: 露天矿坑, 损害控制, 特殊地质, 新材料应用, 综合防治Open Pit, Damage Control, Special Geological Condition, Application of New Materials, Comprehensive Prevention and Control

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.2, 2014-04-21

    摘要: 为了有效控制抚顺西露天矿开采造成的损害,尽可能延缓坐落在西露天矿北帮边坡上的抚顺发电厂机组的使用寿命,通过对西露天矿变形监测数据的分析,在对电厂地质进行详细勘察试验,了解电厂地质结构和岩性特征等变形破坏主要控制因素的基础上,通过技术比较,针对断层和构筑物使用静压注浆法进行加固处理。加固处理时,为了合理利用资源,变废为宝,通过试验确定使用在注浆材料中按一定比例加入电厂生产废料——石膏和粉煤灰,形成新型注浆材料进行注浆。通过使用新材料有针对性地对F1A断裂带及建(构)筑物基础的治理,即节省了工程费用,又使电厂的变形破坏得到有效控制。 In order to effectively control the mining damage of Fushun west open-pit mine area and prolong the service life of the genset which is located on the northern slope of the Fushun west open-pit mine area, the monitoring data of deformation in west open-pit mine area were analyzed, and detailed survey and experiment on the geologic conditions in power plant were carried out, which can help understand main controlling factors related to the destruction of the foundation, such as, geological structure and characteristics. By technical comparison, we use static pressure grouting method to reinforce the faults and structures. For the reasonable utilization of resources and waste, we add gypsum and fly ash (power plant waste) by a certain proportion, which will form a new grouting material for grouting. By using this new material, we can control F1A fault zone and building foundation, which will contribute to saving project cost and controlling the deformation and failure of the plant effectively.