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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Commerce, The State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (2011) Several Opinions on Accelerating the Depth of Fusion of Informatization and Industrialization (Ministry of the Letter No. 2011.160).


  • 标题: 生态旅游型城市“两化融合”推进机制研究Research on Promoting the Integration of Industry and Information Technology of Ecological Tourism City

    作者: 段晓梅

    关键字: 生态旅游型城市, 两化融合, 动力扩散机制Ecological Tourism City; Integration of the Two; Dynamic Diffusion Mechanism

    期刊名称: 《Management Science and Engineering》, Vol.3 No.1B, 2014-04-24

    摘要: 随着“两化融合”发展的深化,“两化融合”对经济增长、产业结调整的作用日益明显。在旅游业和工业双管齐下的发展前提下,生态旅游型城市具有“两化融合”发展的必要性和特殊性。本文在对生态旅游型城市“两化融合”作一般概述的基础上,分析生态旅游型城市“两化融合”的发展现状,研究生态旅游型城市“两化融合”的动力扩散机制,提出相应的制度保障措施以求实现生态旅游型城市生态环境保护、工业与旅游业发展的三位一体。 With the deeply development of integration of industry and information technology (it is hereinafter referred to as “Integration of the Two”), Integration of the Two is more and more obviously effecting on economic growth and industrial structure adjustment. At the prerequisite of the development of tourism and industry, ecological tourism city has the necessity and specialty for development of Integration of the Two. Based on the general overview of Integration of the Two of ecological tourism city, the essay analyses the present development situation of Integration of the Two of ecological tourism city, explores the dynamic diffusion mechanism, and offers system guarantee in order to realize the development of tourism ecological city, ecological environment protection, industrial and tourism at trinity.