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Corti, G. (2009) Continental rift evolution, from rift initiation to incipient break-up in the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa. Earth-Science Reviews, 1, 1-53.


  • 标题: 东非裂谷系西支(湖区)油气资源潜力评价与分析The Assessment and Analysis of the Potential of Oil and Gas Resources in Western Branch (Lakes) of the East African Rift

    作者: 郭曦泽, 侯贵廷

    关键字: 东非裂谷系西支, 湖区, 构造演化, 沉积历史, 油气地质Western Branch of the East African Rift, Lakes, Tectonic Evolution, Sedimentary History, Petroleum Geology

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.2, 2014-04-25

    摘要: 随着油气资源的需求量不断增加,东非裂谷系西支(部分湖区)作为未来油气资源勘探的潜力地区,其勘探程度一直较低。由于各个盆地具有相对不同的沉积历史,为了掌握东非裂谷系西支的勘探前景,需要对各盆地及次级盆地进行详细的研究。本文从东非裂谷的整体地质概况开始,分析了东非裂谷的构造演化,将西支7个主要的地堑分别进行石油地质特征的研究,结合不同地区的勘探历史,得出对东非裂谷西支(湖区)油气资源的评价结果。认为Albert地堑和Tanganyika地堑油气资源很丰富,勘探潜力很大;Malawi地堑(Nyasa地堑)、Rukwa地堑、Ruhuhu地堑油气资源较为丰富,虽然勘探力度不足,但也具有一定的勘探潜力。 With the increasing demand for oil and gas resources, part of the lakes of the western branch of the East African Rift, regarded as a potential area of oil and gas exploration in the future, have maintained a low level of exploration. Since each basin has a relatively different sedimentary history, we need to make exploration of each basin and sub-basin in detail to grasp the exploration prospects of the East African Rift System. In this paper, starting from the overall geological setting of the East African Rift, we analyze the tectonic evolution of the East African Rift, study the petroleum geological features of seven major grabens of the western branch, then combine with the exploration history of different regions, and we obtain the evaluation results of the western branch (Lakes) of the East African Rift. We think that the oil and gas resources of Albert Graben and Tanganyika Graben are very rich and have a great exploration potential; the oil and gas resources of Malawi Grabens (Nyasa Grabens), Rukwa Grabens, Ruhuhu Grabens are abundant. Although there is a lack of exploration and development, they still have a certain exploration potential.