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D. Beneventi, F. Almeida, N. Marlin, et al. Hydrodynamics and recovered papers deinking in an ozone flotation column. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 2009, 48(11-12): 1517-1526.


  • 标题: 臭氧–气浮分离在水处理中应用研究进展Application of Ozone Oxidation and Flotation Separation in Wastewater Treatment

    作者: 陈双福, 康得军

    关键字: 臭氧, 气浮, 消毒, 深度处理Ozone; Flotation; Disinfection; Advanced Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.3, 2013-07-29

    摘要: 臭氧作为一种强氧化剂,在水处理中得到了广泛的应用,有明显的杀菌消毒作用,同时臭氧又有较强的助凝作用,能够促进气浮工艺的处理效果,气浮分离由于不但可以明显的降低水中的悬浮物,而且COD也可得到一定的去除。臭氧–气浮工艺则结合二者优点,将臭氧氧化技术与气浮分离技术相结合,采用臭氧化空气为气源,去除悬浮颗粒物同时又分解大量有机物,且有明显的杀菌消毒作用,在一个操作单元内实现了破乳或絮凝、固液分离、除色、嗅、昧、消毒等多个过程。As a strong oxidant, Ozone which was widely used in wastewater treatment played an important role in dis-infection and coagulation aid to promote the flotation separation effect in the flotation process. Flotation can signifi-cantly reduce the suspended solids in water, and COD can be removed in a certain degree. The ozone followed a flota-tion process is a combination of the two advantages. The combination of ozone oxidation and flotation separation tech-niques can use ozone as gas source, and remove suspended particles while decomposition of large amounts of organic disinfection. As a result, it can get emulsion breaking and flocculation, solid-liquid separation, decolorization, deodorant, disinfection and other process in one operating unit.