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Christmas, D.A., Mirante, J.P. and Yanagisawa, E. (2004) Supreme nasal turbinate as a landmark during endoscopic sphenoid sinus surgery. Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, 83, 84-85.


  • 标题: 慢性鼻窦炎鼻息肉鼻内镜手术治疗临床分析Clinical Analysis of the Nasal Endoscopic Treatment for the Chronic Nasal Sinusitis Patients Combined with Nasal Polyp

    作者: 陈阳静, 邵渊, 权芳, 赵谦

    关键字: 慢性鼻窦炎, 钩突, 筛泡, 纸样板Chronic Sinusitis; Uncinate Process; Ethmoid Bulla; Lamina Papyracea

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Otolaryngology》, Vol.2 No.1, 2014-05-20

    摘要: 目的:分析鼻内镜手术治疗慢性鼻窦炎鼻息肉的手术技巧,评价临床疗效。方法:回顾性分析鼻内镜手术治疗慢性鼻窦炎鼻息肉410例的临床资料,评估疗效与并发症。结果:通过术后的随访,本组患者中达到治愈标准的320例,显效标准的82例,总有效率为98.0%,无重大手术并发症发生。结论:鼻内镜下手术治疗慢性鼻窦炎鼻息肉具有视野清晰、范围准确、切除组织彻底等特点,对保证手术质量和防止并发症有着重要的意义。 Objective: To analyze the operation technique and the clinical treating effect of endoscopic sinus surgery for the chronic nasal sinusitis patients combined with nasal polyp. Methods: To make the retrospective analysis for the 410 cases chronic nasal sinusitis patients combined with nasal polyp that underwent the nasal endoscopy operation through the clinical data and hold the analysis of the treating effect and complication. Results: For the follow-up process, 320 cases reach the full-recovered standard, 82 reach the obvious-improvement standard, the total efficiency was 98.0% and without the occurrence of the serious complication. Conclusions: Compared with the traditional operation method, the nasal endoscopy operation has obvious advantages such as “clear visual field”, “accurate operating scope”, “thoroughly resection” and of high significance to guarantee the quality and decrease the occurrence of the complication as far as the nasal endoscopy operation.