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孟子 (2006) 孟子. 中华书局, 北京.


  • 标题: 论科学与哲学的关系The Theory of the Relationship between Science and Philosophy

    作者: 丁威

    关键字: 哲学, 科学, 本体, 普遍性Philosophy, Science, Ontology, Universality

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.3 No.2, 2014-05-20

    摘要: 科学与哲学,是人类自古以来把握客观世界的两种基本的形式,同时也在理论上为人类提供了特定的时代和历史背景。第二次世界大战以来,科学知识给人类生活带来了天翻地覆的变换。科学已经成为人类生存不可缺乏的要素。而在这科学高度发达的今天,哲学的研究却异军突起。因此科学与哲学之间的关系一直是社会争论的热门话题。本文旨在通过对哲学和科学的辨证分析,阐明哲学与科学之间的关系,这对于正确看待科学的飞速发展和人类真正的精神归属矛盾具有极其重要的现实意义。 From the immemorial time, science and philosophy are the two basic forms of human grasping the objective world. At the same time, they have also offered specific times and history background for us in terms of theory. Since the Second World War, the scientific knowledge has turned human life upside down. Science has been an essential element of human existence which cannot lack. However, along with the science highly developed nowadays, the philosophy research has also been booming. Therefore, the relationship between science and philosophy has always been a hot topic of debating in society. This paper aims to clarify the relationship between philosophy and science by dialectically analyzing them, which has extremely important practical significance for us to correctly treat the rapid development of science and the real spirit belonging of human beings.