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毛连塭(1988) 综合充实制资优教育. 心理, 台北.


  • 标题: 一位国小教师资优数学课程的创意教学设计与实施Creative Teaching Design and Implementation of an Elementary Teacher on Gifted Math Program

    作者: 徐伟民, 吴伶娇, 刘祥通

    关键字: 创意教学, 课程设计, 课程实施, 资优数学Creative Teaching, Curriculum Design, Curriculum Implementation, Gifted Mathematics

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.3B, 2014-05-20

    摘要: 本研究旨在探讨一位国小专家教师如何设计与实施资优数学课程与教学。以教学观察、访谈和文件等方式来进行一学期的数据搜集,结果发现个案教师设计多样化、生活性与高认知的数学问题,透过主题式探索与讨论的教学实施,以培养学生的数学思考、推理、沟通、连结与表征等能力,并引导学生进行探索性的独立研究。个案教师资优数学课程的设计与实施,是根据她个人的教学理念、先备经验和兴趣,在没有特定教学进度的压力和家长的支持下,她依据资优课程的目标、学生的需求和喜好,来进行数学课程的设计与实施,也因此引发学生探索数学的兴趣,并将学生探索的结果参加数学科展竞赛,获得良好的成绩表现。 The purpose of this study was to investigate how an expert elementary teacher designed and implemented gifted mathematics curriculum and teaching. Teaching observation, interviews and document were used to collect data for one semester, and the results indicated that mathematics problems the teacher designed were diverse, life-related, and classified as high cognitive problems. Exploration and discussion were used to solve the problems in order to foster students’ abilities on mathematical thinking, reasoning, communication, connection and representation, and guide students to conduct independent study for getting more exploration. Mathematics curriculum design and implementation of the teacher was based on her personal teaching ideas, prior experiences and interests, and in the context of parents’ support and without pressure from specific teaching progression, she integrated the objectives of gifted curriculum, students’ needs and interests into the design and implementation of the mathematics curriculum. Thus, her teaching evoked students’ interest to explore mathematics further. The teacher also used the results of students’ exploration to attend mathematics competition in elementary level, and got a good grade and performance.