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黄彦超 (2010) 实施创意教学促进有效学习. 教育人力与专业发展, 2, 27-33.


  • 标题: 从学习动机与教师自我效能探讨中等学校教师进修创意教学的意愿Using Learning Motivation and Self-Efficacy to Explore Secondary Teachers’ Intention of Continuing Education

    作者: 李金龙

    关键字: 学习动机, 自我效能, 课程内容知识, 教材教法知识, 进修意愿Learning Motivation, Self-Efficacy, Content Knowledge, Continuing Education

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.3B, 2014-05-21

    摘要: 本研究发现“学习动机”、“自我效能”、“课程内容知识”、“教材教法知识”、“进修意愿”学习动机越高者对于课程内容知识、教材教法知识就越高;自我效能越高者对于课程内容知识、教材教法知识也越高;课程内容知识、教材教法知识越高者对于进修意愿也越高。本研究可推论若进修第二专长的中等学校教师学习动机和自我效能感越高,其课程内容知识和教材教法知识也会提高,进修创意教学的意愿就越强烈,因此开课单位可依照学生需求规画合适的创意教学课程。 Due to the low birth rate, the numbers of students attend schools are reduced and result to require teachers to develop secondary expertise to accommodate the needs of job rotation. Whereas, most teachers had been disciplined in a particular teaching domain during pre-service education and taught for a period that would cause them with different attitude towards secondary expertise development programs (SEDP) which include for 36 units in 4 semesters of two years. This study then explored the predictors of achievement motivation and teaching self-efficacy to perceived values of content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of SEDP reflect to continuance intention to attend SEDP. Data of 246 were subjected to confirmatory factor analysis and structure equation modeling. The results of this study indicated that the participants’ achievement motivation was positively correlated to CK and PCK; their teaching self-efficacy were also positively associated with both perceived values. Moreover, the higher levels of both perceived values of CK and PCK, the higher level of continuance intention to attend SEDP. The implications of this study suggested that school management could use incentives to promote those teachers’ achievement motivation. The SEDP designers could design more suitable and useful courses for those teachers to increase their continuance intention to SEDP.