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Weinstein, C.E. and Mayer, R.E. (1986) The teaching of learning strategies. In: Wittrock, M., Ed., Handbook of Research on Teaching, Macmillan, New York, 315-327.


  • 标题: 学习兴趣、自我调整学习、考试焦虑与升学意愿相关之研究The Correlation Study of Learning Attitude, Self-Regulated Learning, and the Willingness of Continuing Education

    作者: 郑惇伊

    关键字: 学习兴趣, 自我调整学习, 考试焦虑, 升学意愿Learning Attitude, Self-Regulated, Test Anxiety, The Willingness of Continuing Education

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.3B, 2014-05-21

    摘要: 现今台湾社会以升学主义为导向,标榜着“唯有读书高”根深柢固的想法,而学业成就低落的学生在升学的道路上,选择学校机会明显低于高学习成就的学生;当基测成绩无法上国立高中职,亦或是私立高中职日间部,因此,退而求其次选择夜校就读,而这些学生学习成就、未来升学意愿不见得低于高学习成就的学生。故本研究以高职夜校生为例,探讨夜校生学习兴趣对自我调整学习、考试焦虑之影响,是否影响其未来升学意愿。本研究采问卷调查,并将问卷所得资料加以整理、分析,得知学习兴趣对考试焦虑、学习兴趣对自我调整学习positively、考试焦虑negatively对升学意愿、自我调整学习对升学意愿皆有positively显著影响;因此,未来可着手将所得结果应用至教学现场及学习辅导之中。 To be scholars is prevailed in the Confucianism society, every person has been tried to place her or himself in continuing education until they have to be terminated. However, vocational high school students from night schooling are assumed with low self-concern in continuing education, because they have lower academic achievement comparing to those general high school students that imply they would have low intention to continue college level of education. To understand the relationship between those students’ learning motivation related to their willingness to continue education, this study collected 249 data for confirmatory factor analysis and structure equation modeling. The results of this study indicated that students’ learning motivation was negatively correlated to test anxiety, and test anxiety was negatively correlated to their willingness of continuing education. On the other hand, students’ learning motivation was positively associated with their self-regulated learning, and their self-regulated learning can positively predict the willingness of continuing education. This study implied that students even have low level of academic achievement; they still have more willingness to continue their college education, if they had higher level of learning motivation and self-regulated learning.