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张婷婷. PM2.5污染危害分析及防控措施研究[J]. 中国环境管理, 2012, 3: 19-23.


  • 标题: 雾霾天气现状与分析Current Status and Analysis on Fog and Haze

    作者: 张迪, 李青山, 吕文峰

    关键字: 雾霾, PM2.5, 治理Fog and Haze; PM2.5; Governance

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-06-25

    摘要: 本文介绍了北京的雾霾天气,对雾霾天气的来源(汽车尾气、沙尘暴、扬尘、工业废气等)进行了分析。本文深入分析了PM2.5的来源、成分、污染影响程度,综述了国内外的研究现状,提出了一系列切实可行的治理措施,并对PM2.5的未来治理方向进行了展望。This article described the fog and haze in Beijing, and analyzed the source of fog and haze (car exhaust, dust storms, dust, industrial emissions, etc.). Depth analyses of the sources, composition, pollution degree of PM2.5 were conducted and the research status of PM2.5 at home and abroad was cited, thereby a series of practical governance measures were put forward. Moreover, this paper outlooked the future governance direction of PM2.5.