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Dawes, J. (2008) Do data characteristics change according to the number of scale points used? An experiment using 5-point, 7-point and 10-point scales. International Journal of Market Research, 50, 61-77.


  • 标题: 大学生创新能力影响因素实证研究 Impact Factors Study of Undergraduates’ Innovative Ability

    作者: 徐志强, 陈雪波, 孙秋柏, 姜鑫

    关键字: 大学生, 创新能力, 影响因素, 结构方程模型Undergraduates, Innovative Ability, Impact Factors, Structural Equation Model

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.3, 2014-05-28

    摘要: 为了研究大学生创新能力影响因素的重要程度及相互之间的作用关系,本文通过对调查问卷所收集的数据进行信度检验及因子分析,确定了影响大学生创新能力的5个层面。利用结构方程模型对所构建的假设模型进行检验及路径分析。研究表明,教师层面是影响大学生创新能力最重要的直接因素,而教育体制层面是最重要的间接因素,并提出相应的可行性建议。 In order to study the importance of various impact factors of undergraduates’ innovative ability, and their interactive relationship, the study is carried out to build the reliability test and factor analysis on the data that are collected by questionnaire and determines the five levels of impacting undergraduates’ innovative ability. The built hypotheses model is carried out to make the model test and path analysis by the structural equation modeling. The results show that the most important direct factor which impacts undergraduates’ innovative ability is the teacher level, and the most important indirect factor is the educational level, and then we propose the corresponding feasibility proposal.