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D. W. Hall, et al. An overview of solvent extraction tech-nology. Environmental Progress, 1990, 9(2): 98-105.


  • 标题: 含油污泥兼性厌氧发酵处理Facultative Anaerobic Composting for the Oil Sludge

    作者: 刘伟, 李亚宁, 李国东, 倪文域

    关键字: 含油污泥, 兼性厌氧发酵, 生物处理Oil Sludge; Facultative Anaerobic Composting; Biological Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-06-24

    摘要: 含油污泥的兼性厌氧发酵处理是一项重要的解决油泥处理处置的技术路线。它可以减少污泥体积,稳定污泥性质,提高污泥的脱水效果。系统研究了中海油泥的基本性质,油泥兼性厌氧发酵前后技术参数变化。发现处理后油泥的含油量、有机质含量明显下降;实验组添加的调理剂起到了很好的固氮效果。探索了含油污泥的兼性厌氧发酵处理的可行性。 Oily sludge facultative anaerobic fermentation processing is an important technological way to solve the problem of sludge treatment. It can reduce the sludge volume, stable sludge properties, and improve the sludge dehy-dration effect. This paper makes a systemic study on the basic character of China Oilfield oily sludge and the sludge facultative anaerobic fermentation technology parameter changing before and after. After treatment sludge, the oil con-tent, organic matter content decreases significantly; the experimental group which adds conditioner plays a very good effect of phosphorus. The treatment of oily sludge facultative anaerobic fermentation works well.