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高文谦, 陈玉福 (2011) 铅污染土壤修复技术研究进展及发展趋势. 有色金属, 1, 131-136.


  • 标题: 铅污染及其微生物修复技术的研究进展Research Progress of Lead Pollution and Bioremediation Technology

    作者: 张泰然, 王维

    关键字: 铅污染, 微生物修复, 建议Lead Pollution, Microbial Remediation, Suggestions

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-05-29

    摘要: 铅污染是现代人类社会的一个日趋严重的环境问题,而传统上对于铅污染治理的物理化学方法存在着不少的弊端。所以对于铅污染的生物修复技术成为近几年来研究的热点。本文首先综述了铅的污染及其危害,然后主要从耐铅微生物对铅的吸附条件和机理上,总结了近几年来对于铅污染微生物修复技术的研究进展。最后根据国内铅污染微生物修复技术的发展状况,提出了几点基于其应用的发展建议。 In modern society, lead pollution is an increasingly serious environmental problem and there exist many maladies for treating the lead pollution by chemical and physical solutions. Therefore, bioremediation of lead contamination has become a hot research field in recent years. This paper reviews the lead pollution and the harm of lead, and then summarizes the research progress of lead pollution in microbial remediation technology mainly from the perspective of lead resistant microorganisms on lead adsorption conditions and mechanism. Finally, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the development of its application according to the development status of domestic lead pollution and bioremediation technology.