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Hodgson, M.J., Morey, P.R., Simon, J.S., Waters, T.D. and Fink, J.N. (1987) An outbreak of recurrent acute and chronic hypersensitvity pneumonitis in office workers. American Journal of Epidemiology, 125, 631-638.


  • 标题: 冬季大连市某体育馆空气处理机组微生物污染状况分析The Analysis of Microbial Contamination in the Air Handing Unit of a Stadium in Dalian Winter

    作者: 王博渊, 吕阳, 胡光耀, 付柏淋, 高教琪

    关键字: 空调系统, 微生物污染, 颗粒污染物, 污染源控制Air Conditioning System, Microbial Pollution, Particle Contaminant, Control of Pollution Source

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.3 No.1, 2014-05-29

    摘要: 本研究对大连市某体育馆集中通风空调机组设备空气微生物及积尘伴生微生物进行实测,并测试环境因子(温度、湿度)。通过棉试法采集、微生物培养和菌落统计对不同运行工况的两组空调机组微生物污染状况进行分析。研究结果表明,真菌和细菌普遍存在于空调过滤网表面;边角和靠墙端微生物分布大于空调过滤网中心处;各测点细菌分布密度均比真菌大且集中度高;处于低风速且高湿度的停工机组的微生物含量较大;地面积尘伴生微生物污染状况严重。 This study measured the airborne microbes in the air conditioning equipment units for centralized air ventilation system as well as the dust associated microbes in a stadium in Dalian, and tested the environmental factors (temperature, humidity). Through collecting cotton test, microorganism cultivation and the colony statistics, we analyzed the status of microbial contamination in two groups of air conditioning units with different operating conditions. The points that the results showed are as follows: 1) The fungi and bacteria are widespread in the ac filter surface; 2) The number of microorganism on edges and against the wall is more than that in ac filter center; 3) The bacteria distribution density in measuring points is more than fungi and reflects a higher concentration; 4) The lay-off unit in low air velocity and high humidity has more microorganism; 5) The area of dust associated microbial pollution is serious.