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李伦, 李元, 白婧, 许崇波 (2010) 细菌复苏促进因子. 动物医学进展, 4, 103-106.


  • 标题: 未培养微生物的限制因素及培养方法研究进展Progress on the Research Pertinent to Cultivation Constraint Factors and Improved Cultivation Methods of Environmental Uncultured Microorganisms

    作者: 牛丽纯, 孙玉芳, 赵天琦, 宋福强

    关键字: 未培养微生物, 限制因素, 培养方法Uncultured Microorganisms, Limiting Factors, Culture Method

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Microbiology》, Vol.3 No.2, 2014-06-12

    摘要: 自然生境中存在许多独特的对人类有益却难以纯培养的未培养微生物,这些微生物蕴含着丰富的物种多样性,在整个地球上的物质循环和生命持续中占有重要的角色。本文简要介绍了未培养微生物以及目前不可将其分离培养的影响因素,重点阐述了未培养微生物分离培养的新颖方法和改进措施,在模拟自然条件维持微生物间相互关系的前提下,设计出促进微生物苏复因子的新型培养基,采用多种行之有效的技术相结合,使未培养微生物的纯培养成为可能,这对以后微生物领域的发展可以起到助推作用。 A great deal of unique uncultured microorganisms exist in various kinds of habitats; they benefit humans but are difficult to be purely cultured and are rich in species diversity, playing a very important role on the matter cycle of the whole earth and life sustainability. The uncultured microorganisms as well as the factors attributing to their currently uncultured feature were briefly introduced in this review, and subsequently novel methods and improved measurements for isolating them were highlighted. Currently, novel medium containing microorganism recovery promoting factors was designed through simulating maintaining the relationships among microbes under natural conditions. Combination of a variety of proven technologies is employed to make the pure culture possible of uncultured microorganisms, which play a promoting role on the development of microbiological field.