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H. Sun, X. Y. Mao, W. Wang and X. B. Chen. Ferroelectric pro- perties of La and V co-substituted SrBi4Ti4O15 films prepared by sol-gel method. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2009, 52(2): 197-201.


  • 标题: SrBi 4Ti 4O 15的Pechini法制备及其光催化性能*Pechini Sol-Gel Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of SrBi 4Ti 4O 15*

    作者: 谢会东, 王康康, 姚亚红, 赵亚娟, 王晓昌

    关键字: SrBi 4Ti 4O 15, 溶胶–凝胶, 光催化, Pechini法SrBi 4Ti 4O 15; Sol-Gel; Photocatalysis; Pechini Method

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Material Chemistry》, Vol.1 No.1, 2013-07-15

    摘要: 以硝酸锶、硝酸铋和钛酸丁酯为原料,柠檬酸为配位剂,乙二醇为溶剂,用Pechini溶胶–凝胶法制备了SrBi 4Ti 4O 15粉体。研究了柠檬酸量、溶液pH值、乙二醇用量、煅烧温度对产物物相的影响。对所合成粉体进行形貌分析和光催化性能测试。经多组对比试验表明,在pH = 7.0、金属离子:柠檬酸 = 1:3、柠檬酸:乙二醇 = 1:2、干凝胶在650℃煅烧3 h可以得到单相SrBi 4Ti 4O 15粉体。产物SrBi4Ti4O15的结构较疏松,带宽为3.01 eV,在金卤灯下照射3.5 h对甲基橙的降解率可达96.6%。 SrBi 4Ti 4O 15was prepared by a Pechini sol-gel method, using strontium nitrate, bismuth nitrate penthydrate and tetrabutyl titanate as raw materials, citric acid as ligand, and ethylene glycol as solvent. The influences of the amount of citric acid, pH, ethylene glycol and calcining temperature on the phases of the product were researched. The morphology and photocatalytic properties of the as-synthesized powders were measured. The multiple comparison tests showed single phase ofSrBi 4Ti 4O 15was obtained under the conditions of pH = 7, metals:citric acid = 1:3, citric acid:glycol = 1:2, calcining the dry gel at 650˚C for 3 h. The as-synthesized SrBi4Ti4O15 had a loose structure with a bandwidth of 3.01 eV. The degradation ratio of methyl orange reached up to 96.6% under the metal halide lamp irradiation for 3.5 h.