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C. Visvanathan, S. Muttamara and S. Babel. Treatment of land- fill leachate by cross flow micro filtration and ozonation. Sepa- ration Science and Technology, 1994, 29: 315-332.


  • 标题: 膜分离在水净化技术应用的新进展Progress of Membrane Separation in Water Cleaning Technique Application

    作者: 张林楠, 刘琦, 洪维哲

    关键字: 膜分离, 膜材料, 水处理Membrane Separation; Membrane Material; Wastewater Treatment

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.1, 2013-03-07

    摘要: 膜分离技术是现代水净化和分离技术中一种高效率的手段,在水处理和净化领域得到了广泛的应用,其应用前景和应用深度和广度都不断的扩大。本文通过分析膜分离技术原理、膜材料及特点,总结了膜分离技术在水净化以及污废水处理方面的应用现状及最新发展,展望了膜分离技术在水处理领域的应用前景和相关的发展趋势,为膜分离技术的普及和推广提供参考。Membrane separation technique is a kind of highly efficient separation method in modern water cleaning and separation technique, which is widely applied in the field of wastewater treatment and cleaning. Its applications are constantly expanding in prospect, depth and breadth. The separation mechanism, membrane material and characteristics of different kinds of separation membrane are systematically summarized and the present application and its progress in wastewater treatment and cleaning are emphatically introduced, the latest of membrane separation technique develop-ment is also discussed. Finally, the development trend of membrane separation techniques in the future is prospected. All these offer reference for the popularity and spread of membrane separation technique.