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郭城孟. 台湾森林的故事[Z]. 台北: 行政院农委会林务局, 2005: 1-28.


  • 标题: 从景观生态地图之建构探讨出磺坑产业地景之活化Activation of Industrial Landscape of the Chu Hung Keng Oil Field through Constructing a Landscape Ecological Map

    作者: 陈湘媛, 郭城孟

    关键字: 产业地景, 永续经营, 承载量, 活化与再利用Industrial Landscape; Sustainable Management; Carrying Capacity; Activation and Reuse

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.3 No.1, 2013-03-07

    摘要: 苗栗县公馆乡的出磺坑是台湾第一口以石油与天然气开采为主的油井,也是全世界第二口油井,然而随着采油量减少而逐年没落,近来地方政府计划将出磺坑的产业地景重新整理,并开放为观光游憩区,却因未对本区的自然与人文资源详加调查之前即匆忙发包许多硬件工程,对植被的完整性与动物资源造成很大的破坏。鉴于传统的生态调查多为建立一份动植物的学名清单,并无法反应出物种间的依存关系,也无法反应其在空间上的分布区位,对实质环境规划的帮助有限,因此,本研究从环境永续经营的理念,将资源调查结果套绘于地形图上,为出磺坑的自然环境与产业地景建构一份景观生态地图,据以建议适宜的土地利用与经营型态,以达到产业地景活化与再利用的目的,研究结果同时建议出磺坑未来应朝向“生态地质园区”发展,以保全其亚热带阔叶林与产业地景,进而成为台湾生态旅游与教学之环境教育据点。The Chu Hung Keng oil field is the first gas and oil field in Taiwan, which is also the second oil field devel-oped in the world. Followed with the reduction in oil production, it induced the come-down of Chu Hung Keng district concurrently. Local government thus planned to reform the oil field as a tourist spot by activating its industrial land-scape. However, many improper actions proceeded without surveying local natural and cultural resources. As a result, the integrity of fauna and flora were seriously destroyed. Instead of showing the interdependent relationship or the niche of species, traditional ecological survey only provides a name list of local wildlife, which is actually not practical for environmental planning. In this study, the natural and cultural resources were surveyed and mapped on the topographic map. Subsequently, a landscape ecological map was constructed. It aimed to bring forward a more appropriate land use and management for Chu Hung Keng district with a concept of sustainable management. By taking local natural and cultural resources into account, the industrial landscape could be activated and reused in a more proper manner. Our results suggested that, in order to preserve the subtropical broad-leaved forest and industrial landscape, the Chu Hung Keng oil field should be developed into an ecological and geological park. Furthermore, it could become an excellent place for environmental education and ecotourism.