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李艳丽, 楚泽涵, 岳兴举 (2002) 葡西地区葡萄花油层定量识别与评价方法. 测井技术, 5, 380.


  • 标题: 葡西油田葡萄花油层高分辨率层序地层格架建立 The Establishment of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Putaohua Reservoir in Puxi Oil Field

    作者: 曾冰艳, 马世忠, 王文广, 范广娟, 钟丹

    关键字: 葡萄花油层, 高分辨率, 层序地层格架Putaohua, High Resolution, Sequence Stratigraphic Framework

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.3, 2014-06-25

    摘要: 随着勘探开发过程的不断深入,对沉积时间单元划分的精细程度也要求越来越高,长时间尺度的层序地层划分已经不足以满足油田的开发需求,而高分辨率层序地层格架的研究方法具有高度精细和准确的特征,是层序地层学的新发展方向。结合测井、岩心、地震和露头等资料,明确高分辨率层序地层格架的划分原则并且给出合理划分方案,建立封闭骨架剖面,由标准井出发,首先完成骨干剖面上井的层位对比,再把非骨干剖面井对比到与其相邻的骨干剖面井上,这样既保证了全区对比具有统一的标准,又确保了对比的精细程度。 As the exploration and development deepening, the requirement on the classificational accuracy of deposition time units becomes higher and higher, and the sequence stratigraphic division of long-time scales is not enough to meet the demand of development. But the research methods of high-resolution sequence stratigraphic framework have highly detailed and accurate characteristics, so it is a new developing direction of sequence stratigraphy. Combining logging, core, seismic and outcrop data, clearing the classification principles of high-resolution sequence stratigraphic framework and giving a reasonable plan, close skeleton section is established. From the standard well, firstly the strata contrast of the wells in backbone profile is accomplished, and then the wells out of backbone and the backbone of the adjacent sections are compared. This method not only ensures a unified standard of the contrast in the region, but also ensures the high resolution of the contrast.