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李伟, 龚敏玉 (2007) 城市环境空气中颗粒物源解析研究. 江苏环境科技, 3, 19-22.


  • 标题: 中国雾霾天气的成因、危害及其防治措施Cause, Hazard and Control Measures of Hazy Weather in China

    作者: 孙丹平, 黄国勤

    关键字: 雾霾天气, 污染, 成因, 危害, 防治措施Hazy weather, Pollution, Cause, Hazard, Control Measures

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-08-05

    摘要: 近期,中国多地被雾霾笼罩,空气污染指数不断攀升,中国中东部地区连续发生了多次中度、重度、极重度雾霾天气。环保部门的数据则显示,从东北到西北,从华北到中部乃至黄淮、江南地区,都出现了大范围的重度和严重污染,导致了人们的生活质量逐渐下降。可见雾霾已经成为严重影响人类生存的迫在眉睫的问题。本文从雾霾天气的概念、分级和组成成分,成因及危害进行分析与探讨,并提出相应的雾霾防治措施,为进一步认识雾霾和改善环境空气质量提供参考价值。Recently, our country is shrouded by hazy weather. The air pollution index continues rising. Re-peatedly, moderate, severe and extremely severe hazy weather appeared in the central eastern part of China. Meanwhile, the data of the environmental protection department show that: from the northeast to the northwest, from north China to central and Huanghuai, Jiangnan region, there was a wide range of heavy and serious pollution, leading to a fall in the quality of people's life gradually. So, hazy weather has become a serious and urgent problem causing impact on human’s survival. This article analyzes and discusses the concepts, classification, components, causes and hazard of hazy weather. Corresponding measures for prevention and control of the hazy weather are mentioned in order to provide the reference value for further understanding the rules of the hazy weather and improving the air quality of the environment.