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Nansathit, A., Apipattarakul, S., Phaosiri, C., et al. (2009) Synthesis, isolation of phenazine derivatives and their antimicrobial activities. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, 6, 79-91.


  • 标题: 吩嗪-5,10-二氮氧化物的合成及光谱性质的研究Determination Fluorescence Emission Spectra of Phenazine 5,10-Dioxide Using Multi-Peaks Gaussian Fitting Method in Different Solvent

    作者: 刘琼, 赵明桥, 徐常威, 张建华

    关键字: 吩嗪-5, 10-二氮氧化物, 荧光光谱, 高斯多峰拟合, 单体, 二聚体Phenazine 5, 10-Dioxide, Fluorescence Spectrum, Multi-Peaks Gaussian Fitting, Dimer, Overlap Peaks

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Analytical Chemistry》, Vol.4 No.3, 2014-08-11

    摘要: 在醋酸溶液中用过氧化氢氧化吩嗪合成吩嗪-5,10-二氮氧化物。测量了不同溶剂和浓度条件下吩嗪-5,10-二氮氧化物的荧光发射光谱。其特征是吩嗪-5,10-二氮氧化物二聚体(520~545 nm)发射峰以肩峰方式与单体(500~515 nm)主发射峰叠合在一起。通过高斯多峰拟合实现了单体与二聚体荧光发射光谱叠合峰的分峰拟合计算,得到吩嗪-5,10-二氮氧化物单体与二聚体最大发射峰波长,峰面积等光谱参数,进而求得二聚体与单体相对积分发射强度(I2/I1)与浓度、溶剂的关系。当溶液浓度较低时二聚体/单体相对积分发射强度呈线性增大,随着溶液浓度的增加,单体与二聚体最大发射峰发生显著红移。在四氢呋喃、乙酸乙酯、乙腈、乙醇溶液中二聚体/单体的积分相对发射强度I2/I1随浓度的减少而减小,但在苯、甲苯、冰乙酸溶液中随着溶液浓度的降低I2/I1反而增大。Phenazine 5,10-dioxide has been synthesized by a reaction of phenazine with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in acetic acid (HAc) solution. And its fluorescence emission spectra has been determined in different solvent by overlap peaks of a principal peak with a wavelength (λ) at 520 - 545 nm and a shoulder peak with λ at 500 - 515 nm, which are respectively assigned to dimer and monomer emission peaks. The maximum wavelength, peak area, and other spectral parameters for phenazine 5,10-dioxide dimer and monomer were obtained from the analysis of overlap peaks by a mul-ti-peaks Gaussian fitting method, then the value of relative integral emission intensity for dimer and monomer (I2/I1) in different solvents with various concentration can be obtained. When the concentration of phenazine 5,10-dioxide is low, the value of I2/I1 grows linearly with the concen-tration increase, and the maximum emission peaks of the monomer and dimer redly shift signifi-cantly. When the concentration of phenazine 5,10-dioxide is high, the value of I2/I1 grows with the concentration increase in tetrahydrofuran (THF), ethyl acetate, acetonitrile and ethanol, however it decreases with the concentration increase in benzene, toluene and acetic acid (HAc).