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Yu, Z., Jiang, N., You, Y. (1993) Power output of an onshore OWC wave power station at Dawanshan Island. European Wave Energy Symposium.


  • 标题: 振荡水柱波浪发电装置的应用进展研究A Review of Oscillating Water Column Converter Applications

    作者: 刘德兴, 郑艳娜, 张佳星

    关键字: 振荡水柱, 波浪能, 防波堤OWC, Wave Energy, Breakwater

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Marine Sciences》, Vol.1 No.1, 2014-08-21

    摘要: 振荡水柱(OWC)因为结构简单,性能可靠等优点而成为目前全球最广泛使用的波浪能转化装置。本文在简略的介绍OWC波浪转换装置基本原理的基础上,对国内外OWC波浪能发电装置的研发历史进行了概述,重点介绍了OWC波浪转化装置的新生物:OWC型防波堤;指出国内OWC波浪能发电研发目前存在的问题并提出解决建议。 Oscillating Water Column (OWC) converter is the most wildly used wave energy converter because of its simplicity and reliability. However, the OWC march slowly in China and no possibility of grid-connection can be seen yet. The principle of OWC is presented and a new concept, OWC- breakwater which would be a potential way in the future, is highlighted. In the end, approaches for OWC research and development in China are proposed aiming at the specific problems.