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杨道麟 (2001) 语文教育学导论(修订本). 湖北人民出版社, 武汉.


  • 标题: 美学视野下“完整的语文教学”略论A Brief View of the Complete Chinese Teaching under the Vision of Aesthetics Field

    作者: 杨道麟

    关键字: 美学视野, 完整的语文教学, 语文教学的语言教学, 语文教学的文章教学, 语文教学的文学教学Vision of Aesthetics Field, Complete Chinese Teaching, Language Teaching in Chinese Teaching, Article Teaching in Chinese Teaching, Literature Teaching in Chinese Teaching

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Philosophy》, Vol.3 No.3, 2014-08-22

    摘要: 语文教育要塑造“求真”、“向善”、“崇美”的创造性的人才和“健全的人格”,并有效进入“人的发展和完整性建构”的全新境域,就必须而且应当注重美学视野下“完整的语文教学”的研究。美学视野下“完整的语文教学”是指施教者为完成语文教育任务而在教学实践中向受教者呈现的种种材料及所传递的信息,即弄清语文教育“实际教学了什么”的问题。它是语文教育理论建设的值得重视的工作,也是语文教育研究的重要内容。但是长期以来,“完整的语文教学”的研究相对最为薄弱,这可能与语文课堂生态的复杂性与语文教学转换生成的动态化有着密切的关系。“完整的语文教学”的研究大大充实了语文教育内容的蕴含,这是一个很有意义的视角,能避免在语文教学选择上的盲目性,从而支持和达成语文教育目标。作为“完整的语文教学”至少应包括美学视野下的语文教学中的语言教学、文章教学、文学教学等三大支柱。In order to shape the creative talent and "personality" of "truth", "goodness", and "beauty", and effectively enter into the new horizon of “human development and integrity construction” in the Chinese education, more attention should be paid to the research on "complete Chinese teaching" under the vision of aesthetics field. "Complete Chinese teaching" from the perspective of aesthetics refers to the educators presenting all sorts of materials and the transmission of information to the students in the teaching practice aimed at completing the task and language education; in other words, it refers to the question of what the Chinese education practically teaches. It is worth at-tention in the construction of Chinese education theory, and also is an important part of the Chinese education and research. But for a long time, research on “complete Chinese teaching” is relatively weak, which may be related to the complexity of Chinese classroom ecology and the dynamic of Chinese teaching transformation. Research on “complete Chinese teaching" greatly enriches the content of Chinese education, which is a very meaningful perspective, avoiding the blindness in the choice of language teaching, so as to support and achieve the goal of Chinese language education. As "complete Chinese teaching", it should include at least the three pillars of language teaching, article teaching, and literature teaching in Chinese teaching under the vision of aesthetics field.