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王学忠 (2014) 火山岩孔隙–裂缝型储层特征与渗流叠加效应——以准噶尔盆地西缘排66地区为例. 地球科学前沿, 1, 22-26.


  • 标题: 春风油田石炭系开发技术研究Research on Development of Carboniferous in Chunfeng Oilfield

    作者: 王学忠, 席伟军

    关键字: 开发技术, 水力喷砂压裂, 石炭系, 孔隙–裂缝型储层, 火山岩, 准噶尔盆地西缘, 春风油田Development Technology, Hydraulic Sand Blast Fracturing, Carboniferous, Pore-Fracture Type Reservoir, Volcanic Rock, The West Edge of Junggar Basin, Chunfeng Oilfield

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-08-25

    摘要: 针对准噶尔盆地春风油田石炭系已落实规模储量但试采产能差异较大的情况,开展了实用开发技术研究。发现,春风油田石炭系储层岩性均为火山岩,以孔隙–裂缝性储层、普通稠油为主。排61等6口井火山凝灰岩储层常规试采均获得工业油流,且保持了持续稳定生产。其中,排66井生产井段岩性为灰色油斑火山凝灰岩,已连续生产652 d,累计产油量7099 t,50℃脱气原油黏度154 mPa∙s。排666和排681井火山角砾岩储层水力喷砂压裂获得工业油流。基于石炭系储层在春风油田发育广泛且比较稳定,发育连续型大型地层油藏的可能性很大,部署的第一口水平井排664侧井成功钻遇水平段486 m,已获得工业油流。According to Chunfeng Oilfield Carboniferous in Junggar Basin with volumes of reserves, while there is a productivity of great difference by production test, a practical development technology study is launched. It is shown that reservoir lithology of Chunfeng Oilfield Carboniferous is volcanic rocks, which is mainly pore-fracture type reservoir and ordinary heavy oil. Industrial oil flow is obtained by normal producing of volcanic tuff reservoir of 6 wells (e.g. Pai61 Well), and the yield is stable. Pai66 Well whose producing interval is grey oil spot volcanic tuff has produced for 652 d continuously, having cumulative oil production of 7099 t; and the oil viscosity is 154 mPa∙s at 50˚C. Industrial oil flow of hydraulic sand blast fracturing is obtained in the volcanic breccias reservoir of Pai666 and Pai681 Well. Based on the wide and stable development in the Carboniferous reserves of Chunfeng Oilfield, the development of continuous large-size stratigraphic oil pool is more possible. The first horizontal well (Pai664C) has successfully drilled to the horizontal section of 486 m, obtaining industrial oil flow.