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汤中立, 李小虎, 焦建刚, 闫海卿 (2005) 矿山地质环境问题及防治对策. 地球科学与环境学报, 27, 1-4.


  • 标题: 综合分区指数法评价区域矿山地质环境—以尤溪县为例Comprehensive Evaluation of Regional Zoning Index Mine Geological Environment—A Case Study in Youxi

    作者: 赵汝荣

    关键字: 矿山, 综合分区, 评价Mining, Comprehensive Zoning, Evaluation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-08-28

    摘要: 本文选取尤溪县为研究区域,通过采用矿山地质环境综合评价,对尤溪县矿山地质环境质量综合进行评价。为区域矿山地质环境潜力分区作出科学客观评价,并采用层次分析法建立评价模型,综合考虑各层次各因素对最后评价结果的影响。结果表明:地质环境影响严重区,主要位于尤溪地区北部地区,重点矿区为:丁家山、关兜、谢坑、坪仑和峰岩5个矿区。较严重矿区为:七官场、龙门场、太华山,其中西滨、大众山、玉带坑、吉木溪口、中仙、汤川等矿区。矿山地质环境影响严重区、较严重区以外的其它地区,占评价区总面积的83%。环境地质问题以矿山压占与破坏土地为主,次生地质灾害规模及危害程度小,矿山活动对该区地质环境影响一般。矿山生态环境问题对地形地貌景观破坏和土地资源影响较严重;对含水层破坏影响较严重,矿山地质灾害较严重。This paper selects Youxi as the study area and uses comprehensive evaluation of mine geological environment to comprehensively evaluate the quality of Youxi mine geological environment. Making mine geological environment for regional scientific and objective evaluation of the potential of the partition and the establishment of evaluation model uses the analytic hierarchy process, considering the effects of various levels of each factor on the final evaluation results. The results showed that: the geological environment severely affected areas, mainly located in the northern part of Youxi areas, and the key mining areas were the five mines: Dingjiashan, shut pocket, thank pit, Ping Lun and Fengyan. Mines which are more serious: the West coast, Volkswagen Hill, jade pit, Yoshiki Xikou, fairy, Yukawa and other mines of seven officialdom, gantry field and Huashan. The Mine geological environment severely affected areas and other areas outside the zone more serious are accounting for 83% of the total area of evaluation. Environmental geological problems to press accounts and destruction of land mines are mainly small-scale secondary geological disasters and the degree of harm, mining activities on the geological environment affected area are in general. Mine ecological environment destruction land- scape topography and land resources have more serious impact; damaging effects on aquifers are more serious and geological disasters mine is more serious.