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张复新, 马建秦 (1997) 陕西镇安–山阳地区南羊山组重力流沉积作用及其意义. 沉积学报, 3, 48-55.


  • 标题: 陕西镇安崇家沟地区地质特征及找矿方向探讨The Discussion on the Geological Characteristics and Prospecting Direction in the Chong Jiagou Area, Zhen’an, Shaanxi Province

    作者: 殷天涛, 夹瑞峰, 刁海忠, 李守军

    关键字: 地质特征, 找矿方向, 镇安Geological Characteristics, Prospecting Direction, Zhen’an

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.4 No.4, 2014-08-29

    摘要: 工作区大地构造位置位于秦岭古生代印支褶皱带。在秦岭造山带成矿作用下,该区及其外围金矿(化)点众多。本文在区域成矿地质背景的基础上,结合周围矿(化)点的地质特征,综合研究、分析崇家沟地区控矿因素、矿化特征等。根据成矿规律,揭示该区主要构造线呈NWW,并发育次级韧性断裂。认为主构造与次级断裂交汇部位为重点找矿区域。黄铁矿化及硅化等是主要找矿标志。The tectonic position of the working area was located in the Paleozoic Indosinian folded belt in Qinling. There are many points of the gold and its mineralization exists because of Qinling orogenic mineralization in the study area and its peripheral area. On the basis of the regional geological background, the ore-controlling factors and mineralization characteristics were comprehensively researched and analyzed combined with the geological feature of the surrounding mines points in Chongjiagou area. The major tectonic line presented NWW and the secondary ductile fracture was developed according to the metallogenic regularity in the area. It was deemed that the intersections of the main structure and the secondary fault were the emphasis of the prospecting area. The pyrite and the silicification were the main prospecting mark.