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刘俊波, 黄能, 黄常江 (2005) 健脾化瘀加全肝移动条放射治疗原发性肝癌临床研究. 辽宁中医杂志, 7, 631-633.


  • 标题: 关于“移动条野放疗无论从理论还是实践,都存在严重缺陷”的商榷Discussion about “Moving Strip Fields Radiation Both from Theory and Practice, There Are Serious Defects”

    作者: 郑作深, 吴庭安, 饶建, 谭洁媚, 田鲜艳

    关键字: 原发性肝癌, 亚临床病灶, 放射治疗, 移动条野放疗, 精确放疗Primary Liver Cancer, Subclinical Lesions, Radiotherapy, Moving Strip Fields Radiation, Precise Radiotherapy

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Oncology》, Vol.3 No.3, 2014-09-26

    摘要: 对移动条野放射综合治疗方案长期临床实践和理论研究发现了肝癌传统放疗和精确放疗概念所未知的事实:移动条野放射能杀灭亚临床病灶,提高肿瘤的生物效应,改善正常肝组织的耐受量为全肝移动条野放疗30 Gy控制亚临床病灶,局部缩野剂量递增至60 Gy根治主癌灶的应用价值,正是移动条野放射综合治疗方案取得疗效的优点;从放射生物学方面,包括时间剂量因子、分次剂量因子和容积剂量因子三个方面及放射物理学方面结合肝癌恶性生物学特征详细阐明移动条野放射杀癌原理。“移动条野放疗无论从理论还是实践,都存在严重缺陷”缺乏科学文献依据,不能苟同。遵循“实践是检验真理的唯一标准”的科学原则,对肝癌放疗中有关移动条野放疗和精确放疗两大学术问题进行阐述商榷。Through long-term clinical practice and theoretical research on moving strip fields radiation comprehensive treatment program, we found the unknown fact that liver cancer traditional radi-otherapy and precise radiotherapy concept can’t explain. This is the fact that moving strip fields radiation can destroy subclinical lesions. Moving strip fields radiation technology can enhance the biological effects of the tumor and improve the amount of normal liver tissue tolerance. Border on the imaging of liver lesions often cannot be confirmed. This is why it has curative effect that moving strip fields radiation of whole liver 30 Gy can control subclinical lesions, and then shrinking fields radiation to dose 60 Gy can be given to cure main tumor. In this paper, we tried to explain the principle of moving strip fields radiation to treat cancer from time dose factor, divided doses factor, volume dose factor and radiation physics combined with the biological characteristics of malignant liver cancer. “Moving strip fields radiation both from theory and practice, there are serious defects”; this statement lacks of literature citations basis. We disagree with it. Following the scientific principles of “Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth”, this article tried to explain two academic issues, including moving strip fields radiation and precise radiotherapy about liver cancer.