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Daniel, J. (2012) Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility. Journal of Interactive Media in Education.


  • 标题: MOOC对高等教育的影响和应对措施浅析Impacts of MOOC on Higher Education and the Suggested Response

    作者: 赵海涛, 王杉, 马东堂

    关键字: MOOC, 高等教育, 影响分析, 研究与实践MOOC, Higher Education, Impact Analysis, Research and Practice

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.4 No.5, 2014-09-26

    摘要: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)即“大规模在线开放课程”,采用在线的方式来实现基于互联网的课程学习、互动、共享和测试,它被认为是对传统高等教育模式和产业的颠覆性创新,近年来受到了教育界的高度关注。深入分析和研究MOOC模式对高等教育带来的影响,既有利于高等教育的健康全面发展,也是MOOC本身可持续发展的需求。对MOOC课程对高等教育带来的改变、高等教育者应采取的态度和应对措施进行了分析,总结了在辅导学生选修MOOC课程和建设MOOC课程实践过程的一些体会,并对未来MOOC的发展进行了展望,旨在推动大规模在线开放课程实践的建设及运用。MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) realizes studying, interacting and sharing the courses all free based on the internet. It is considered as the subversive innovation to traditional higher education and industry, and therefore it has attracted more and more attention recently. Deep analysis of the impact of MOOC on traditional higher education is essential to both the healthy development of higher education and the sustainable development of MOOC itself. This research firstly analyzes the changes in higher education brought by MOOC, and subsequently gives suggestion on the proper response to these changes. It then concludes our practice in both tutoring some MOOC courses from Coursera and constructing ourselves’ MOOC course. Trends in future development of MOOC are discussed, in order to promote the construction and utilization of this new education mode.